FAILED At Achieving Successful Fat Loss Or Muscle Gaining?

"How To Control Your Mind To Achieve The Body You Dream Of And Avoid Getting Sabotaged By 8 Of These Psychological Roadblocks"

Everybody’s telling you the same stuff over and over again: don’t eat too much, train hard, do cardio, do this do that. Why don't you have the body you want, already? I'll tell you why: they are missing the key ingredient to any successful body transformation. The main reason why I was able to do this:

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What's The Strangest Secret?

Let me tell you more about it, and after you finish reading, I’ll tell you exactly how you can apply it in your life.

Our mindset. Our will. Our motivation. Our ability to succeed.

It all comes from just one place. A place we can’t fully understand yet: Your mind.

I was the average guy all my life.

Skinny bones, big waist, pear like constitution, a bit of belly, love handles. The perfect recipe for a weird looking guy.

More than that: I was a computer freak.. I was playing games all day long. Sometimes, I was even forgetting to eat.  Other times I was overeating like crazy.

A normal day in my life was simple: it consisted of playing games, and going to highschool. Boring details that I’ll avoid talking about.

As I’m writing this, I’m thinking about those days:

5 days a week of gaming, 2 days a week of wasting time and drinking. Not so much to write about it.

How I Achieved The Body I Dreamed Of

Why I am telling you these boring details about my boring past life?

Because I want you to see the essence. What happened to me. And how I managed to get into my current mindset that allows me to literally do wonders with my body.

All it took was the first thought.

The simple act of thinking abut it, placed the possibility to get a leaner body. A body that looks amazing named. A body that’s worthy of a transformation (I’m being modest here). And this small detail can make the difference in your life.

It’s not the usual temporary stuff you see on the internet. The temporary meditation: Be positive, achieve goals or bullsh*t stuff like that. No.

This secret contains 7 lessons that will show you how to control your mind to achieve the body you want.

These are powerful lessons that can be applied immediately, and will open your mind when it comes to losing fat or gaining muscle.


How It Started - The First Idea

Back to my story. That thought originated from a cousin of mine. Excerpt from the ABOUT ME page on this site:

I was mostly skin and bones. No muscle mass.

At that time, I lost a lot because I had a sedentary life. I was playing all day long on my computer. Trying all sorts of games. I was addicted and a nerd. I know it’s weird that I looked so skinny when I should have been fat. But it was that way because I was refusing to eat. I was concentrating on the games I was playing and food for me didn’t matter. It all started….

In the first months of 2009 (I don’t remember exactly which month), I had a visit from one of my cousin that was visiting us a lot at that time. I remember of that visit as it was yesterday. He had a bottle of CREATINE in his hands and I was looking at it with a weird face on. We didn’t had a supplement store at that time in our town (I was living in a small town).

I was very suspicious about that bottle full of “white” dust as I was thinking at that time.

After a short discussion with my cousin about that supplement and about his passion for lifting weights, he invited me to go to the gym with him. I was temporary motivated by the idea of changing the look of my body so I told him I’LL GO.

See. The seed was planted. All it took was action from my part. And through the course of these more than 6 years of training and dieting, I bumped into a  lot of ups and downs.

How I Overcame Roadblocks

I experimented failure in the past:

  • I experimented failure in the past: When I first dieted, I lost a lot of muscle mass. I looked like a stick man at the end of my diet. Failure
  • When I first wanted to gain muscle mass, I got fat. I looked like a baloon that was close to explode
  • When I first encountered plateau, I almost gave up. Sitting at the same body weight, same weights, same reps for months feels boring. It demotivates you. It makes you think why I am doing this.
  • When I wasn’t standing myself in the mirror, I felt miserable. I wanted to kick myself in the head for looking like I did.
  • My mind was playing tricks on me.
  • But I overcame everything he threw at me.


I found intelligent ways to deal with my thoughts, and control my actions so I could do successful fat burning phases that got me to six pack abs easily.

I simplified muscle gaining to the point that it looked so logical I couldn’t believe it anymore.

At this very moment as I am writng this, I feel like nothing can stop me. I am already with a visible six pack, close to my natural body limits, and the 2nd strongest guy in my gym (The first one is a powerlifter on drugs. I am talking about natural training).

What I Did Next...

I took notes of the feelings, frustrations, demotivations, and roadblocks I encountered through my lifting years. I noted them inside my website. Ready for you to read, apply, and reach the body you want.

It's mostly psychological.

It's like you, having your own psychologist that will get you ready for any kind of roadblock you might encounter through your fat loss or muscle gaining journey.

Why nobody's sharing this?

Most people don't think about this. All these gurus selling supplements, guides, and hope, forget the most important part: Your Mind.

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What's Inside?

  • The exact way to overcome any kind of fat loss roadblock
  • Beat the psychological roadblocks that make fat loss and muscle gaining, exhausting
  • How to focus on the things that work and avoid the huge hype and nonsense all over the internet
  • How to manage your expectations and build powerful action coming from your mind
  • How to overcome or avoid any kind of failure, along with the fear of failing
  • How to avoid falling into the trap of "Nothing works", and switch your mindset to achieve successful fat loss and muscle gaining
  • How to avoid wasting your time with too many diets and training programs that don't work and how to focus on what works
  • And much more...

What Others Are Saying

Before your course, I was following all sorts of diets and training programs. I was looking for them on Google and I had some results. I thought I could just succeed if I tried books and routines shared by these followed personalities. The reality was different. Your words: My mind was playing tricks on me. It's true. I was going on and off, never achieving my goals. Now I sit at 185 pounds, 8% bodyfat just because I overcame my mindset problems. Your course is the real deal!


At the start of the year I began a bulk. Nutrition was fine but through obsessing over progressive overload, my form sucked, a gained a small amount of fat, got crapped off, but after your course, I have gone on a cut to get rid of it, soon as i'm back to my old 5.7%, successful bulk here I come!...btw: i'm going up with weight while in deficit, am I building muscle and losing fat.


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Look. I am not the usual fat loss guru that tries to sell you hopes.Everything I write and do, works. I am the living proof

Now, here’s the deal. As I was talking until now, it’s your choice. I gave you the simple thought. The simple idea of applying my practical mindset tricks to  reach the body you want to. In the end, you will reach it. You only have to read, re-read, and apply them to your mindset.

The following book has my own observations on every aspect related to fat loss, muscle gaining, and strength increasement

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