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"How To Lose Up To 2.79 Pounds In 1 Day, Eating Big And Satisfying Meals, And Without Long And Painful Workouts"

Finally, you can lose up to 2.79 pounds in just one day, and wake up the next morning lighter, and more motivated to continue with your fat loss journey. You’ll eat big meals. In fact, it will be hard for you to eat so much food. It’s not about something dangerous. It’s a scientifically researched method for food and training manipulation to achieve rapid weight loss with just a one day diet

25th June 2018

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The big problem with most diets is that they offer you results from week to week. Or if it’s like most cases, from month to month.

But what if you want to see results right from the next day of your dieting?

What can you do?

I got an easy fix that you might like. Keep reading...

There are many rapid weight loss methods but most of them make you feel without energy, keep you hungry because of the food restriction they impose, and most of the time they require grueling workouts.

And the results?

Your mental motivation goes down. Your physical strength goes down. You get demotivated. Say it’s too hard to lose weight. And you quit.

How This Diet Can Help You Achieve A Rapid Weight Loss In The Next Day

Maybe you think it's impossible to lose so much weight in just one day.

Perhaps you believe that this is a dangerous diet. Or that it will make you starve for that day in order to achieve so much weight loss.

Not at all.

I created this rapid weight loss diet challenge because I wanted to motivate myself any time I wanted to lose weight.

Not only that but I also wanted to offer the mental motivation of a rapid weight loss to other people.

Most people quit because they don’t see results as fast as they want. Now you don’t have an excuse anymore.

No matter how you look now, this diet will make you lose up to 2.8 pounds after a day of trying it.

In the last three years, I tried it seven times. And every time I tried it, I got a huge advantage compared to a conventional dieting method.

My last weight loss after trying this 1 day diet technique was 2.79 pounds:

The First Issue With Other Fat Loss Diets - Extreme Hunger

Most of these diets put you through a painfully strict dieting regimen (not this one). And what’s worse is that restricting your eating habits for extended periods of time put you at risk of regaining back all the fat you lost.

Ever heard about the “Biggest Loser” TV show?

It’s a TV show in which they select a certain number of overweight people, and put them through a rapid weight loss diet, and extreme levels of physical activity.

A recent article in New York Times said that The biggest loser contestants were gaining most of the weight back.

The main reason they regained all the weight back is because they haven' had a plan B after they dieted down.

But you have it, and I’ll throw it as a BONUS offer that comes with this diet. Keep reading…

Here's half a chicken with spinach, and this is just one meal I ate when I did this diet:

The Second Biggest Problem With Rapid Weight Loss Diets – Hour Long Workouts That Are Excruciating

Most quick weight loss diets put you through hours and hours of weight training, and cardio sessions, and don’t guarantee results in the next day.

But it’s the wrong way to a lose weight fast diet.

Fat loss workouts should be kept to a minimum because your body is already on a low caloric intake, and putting too much stress on it can give you hormonal, mental, and appetite problems.

Also, your physical recovery is negatively impacted by dieting. You have to train less so you can recover.

Look, I'll be honest with you:

You have to diet and do a bit of cardio and/or workout with this diet. But it only lasts for one day. And the next day you’ll see results guaranteed.

There’s no other way. If you don’t want to do anything diet and training wise, then this is not for you.

Waking Up The Next Day, Seeing Rapid Weight Loss, Is Possible – Here’s what you’ll get

In the first lesson, I detailed the principle on which this diet is based, and a personal challenge for you.

You will discover the difference between weight loss and fat loss, and what you have to do to achieve up to 2.79 pounds of weight loss in that day.

You’ll know how to take advantage of this rapid weight loss diet step by step. The mental motivation you get from seeing a next day weight loss of up to 2.79 pounds is powerful.

This second lesson is about nutrition for that day. I simplified everything you need to know to get started in just two easy steps.

You’ll discover what, how much, and when you have to eat to achieve this rapid weight loss in just one day.

You’ll know exactly how you have to set up your meals, so you see yourself leaner the second day.

This lesson is all about making the exercise part FUN and PRODUCTIVE.

You will have two missions to complete, and one optional one. They are easy and fun to do.

Compared to typical training methods that are boring, and mostly ineffective, these missions will ensure you get weight loss results right from the second day.

I’ll guide you step by step on what you have to do. How you have to do it, and how much for the biggest weight loss you can achieve in just one day.

Bonuses for the next three days – LIMITED time!

If you pre-order the diet in the next three days, before this offer expires, you will get these bonuses:

The DTM Fat Loss Method Cheatsheet

Is a simplified approach to dieting, training and mental strength to achieve the body you want. This is one of the steps you can take after you finish this 24h diet challenge.

Most rapid weight loss diets leave you guessing what to do after you finish them. That’s why most people regain the weight they lost.

This is not the case. You’ll have a guide to follow after you finish this diet.

Full email support

If you have any questions after you read the diet, or you don’t understand a point, just ask me.

I’ll be here to support, and help you move forward and achieve the rapid weight loss you want. There are no excuses.

With my help, there’s nothing that can stay between you and the second-day results.

Here Are Just A Few Nuggets You’ll Discover Inside

  • How to eat big and satisfying meals, and keep the hunger away (you’ll be astonished to see how much you can eat, and still achieve rapid weight loss – the secret lies in the food choice and quantity)
  • How “Minimal” training can improve your weight loss, and maintain your muscle mass through periods of rapid weight loss dieting
  • The most important food choice you have to make for the fast weight loss day – it’s exactly what your body needs in order be able to burn pure fat consistently, and maintain its muscle mass
  • Why long duration weight training sessions are a waste of time, energy, and can stop you from losing weight if you want to do it fast (I was doing the same mistakes when I first tried rapid weight loss diets, and couldn’t figure why I wasn’t losing weight).
  • The only exercises you have to do in a gym or at home that take 20 to 30 minutes, and that rush fat burning
  • Three necessary supplements if you want to achieve an extreme level of fat loss in just one day – you’ll laugh when you’ll see how cheap they are (the same supplements I use when I try to avoid the potential negative effects of a rapid weight loss diet – they are optional)
  • The little-known technique called “ the simple step method” that helps you burn fat without feeling like you are doing exercises
  • The mistakes even “experts” do, and not realize that can prevent you to get rapid weight loss results (most experts recommend a 2.2 pound weight loss in a week but they are MISTAKEN when they limit you to this number – you’ll discover why this is nonsense)
  • 3 Simple Challenges that simplify your exercise requirements for the day, and make you achieve rapid weight loss – the only ones that work and which are mostly hidden by the so-called “fat loss gurus”

Here's What My First Clients Said AFTER They Tried It And Got Results


When I’ve read this page, my first reaction was: “How can I lose weight so fast, eating big meals? It’s impossible. It can’t be like that. It’s probably a scam…” Then I had the curiosity to try it. Since it’s almost for free, and I had enough of nonsense diets, I decided to try this one. I said to myself: “It’s just one day.” Even if I was skeptical at first, I gave it a chance. I took the challenge. And what happened blew my mind. It WORKED! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got on a scale the next morning, and I lost 2.6 pounds. I had visible results. My abdominal area looked slimmer, and my waist smaller. I was proud of myself. It was the first time I managed to lose so much weight in just one day. I honestly recommend this diet to women, and men that want to get an extremely RAPID WEIGHT LOSS, while EATING BIG. I know it can sound weird but try it yourself. Florin even offers a 30-day guarantee.

Dan Rotea

I found out about this one-day dieting challenge a few days before I wanted to go to a swimming pool where I had to make a good impression. I thought about trying this diet. I can say it was a good adventure for me. I felt a bit tired after the challenge, but it was well worth it. I managed to lose 1.2 pounds, my face was looking slimmer, my abdominal area looked more defined. And I know it wasn’t just water loss. I lost actual fat. And I feel and look leaner. People carrying a bit more bodyweight will achieve a better weight loss. Before I started this diet, I made a small calculation, and with the strategies Florin outlines, my total caloric burn for the day amounted to almost 5000! I can’t believe how easy it was to burn so much fat. And I maintained my muscle mass because of the dietary recommendations. I feel that if I do this challenge in the winter period, I will get even better results because I would eat less food, and burn more fat.

Dan Rotea

When Florin first told me about his lose weight fast diet, I was a skeptic. He said he lost 2.79 pounds in just one day, and told me to try it too. I thought it was amazing. Knowing him since we were little boys, I trusted him. And I tried it. I haven’t had weight problems, but I wanted to take this challenge for myself. To see how much fat I can lose in just one day. I lost 2.4 pounds, eating so much food that it was looking like a joke. I could barely eat all that food. Indeed, you’ll have to eat and train the way he says, but it’s worth it. It takes just one day. I visibly saw how I looked leaner.

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200% Guarantee For The First 30 Days

I am so sure you’ll achieve a rapid weight loss in just one day, and I am ready to make you an offer you can’t refuse:

Take the challenge, and let’s see your results.

If by an impossible situation it doesn’t work for you, I will not only refund your purchase, but I will pay you two times what you invested in this diet.

All I ask from you is to send me proof of you trying it.

All the risk is on me. You don’t risk anything.

I want to show you that you can do it!

  • YES! Florin, I want to take the challenge and see how much I can lose in just one day. Please send me access to the challenge on 28.05.2016 for just 1$. I want to take advantage of the pre-ordering offer.
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P.S. IMPORTANT! My email support, guarantee, and this particular offer are available just in these next three days. After that, the offer will expire, and I will retry the bonuses, and increase the price. Thank you.

P.P.S. Your investment is protected by my 30 days guarantee. In the weird case this diet doesn’t work for you or you are not satisfied with the results, I will return your investment and pay you double the sum back. Does it look fair to you?

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